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In 2015, I started my journey of becoming owner of a design/build company. As a mother of three young children, I went back to school and finished top of the class in Interior Design: a true testament to work ethic and determination. Merging my love of design and my passion for building, I soon founded NLB Design.


At NLB Design, we adhere to 5 basic principles when designing and building homes: attention to detail, extensive communicating with the clients, complete transparency, high standards of building, and innovation.


I'm originally from Church-Point, Nova-Scotia, Canada, but have been living in Lafayette for 20 years with my husband Mark, 3 children, and our dog Pistache.



I’m a 2019 graduate of Interior Design from UL Lafayette, where I met my friend and forever project partner- Nicole LeBlanc. I’ve gained valuable knowledge from working with a variety of local designers. I’m big on functionality and problem solving... my favorite part of any project (besides seeing it complete of course) is assessing what we’re working with and trying out every scenario until finding the best fit. My strengths are in graphics and visualization, I make sure the client can get a real sense of what we’re talking about- I want you to “see it” too!

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